Dating someone older yahoo

Dating someone older yahoo

Dating someone older yahoo

If you have apprehension about dating someone who is significantly older than you are because he is in a different stage of life than you are, then I will listen. My mother, of course, doesn't like the idea that her daughter is dating someone 10 years older.

Feb 23, 2008 I am a 21 y/o guy dating a 48 y/o guy. As long as she is willing to have me, I could care less what other people think about me dating someone who is 15 years my junior. He seems pretty cool and he is really intelligent.

Thanks for all the honesty you guys! I think it depends on the maturity and dedication of the couple. We know a few things about each other but it's hard to flirt with the guy when he was cooper bradley dating your professor. Even if he was, it still doesn't change the face that you both are legally consenting adults free to do whatever the two of you want to do with each other. I'm currently double majoring in Human Biology and Chemistry. It would be nice if you've experienced dating someone older or even your dating experiences in general.

Dating Someone Who Is Older?

You are obviously very happy in this relationship, stay that way and enjoy yourself, take no notice of what other people say negatively about it, you dating affiliate programs pay per lead are your own man and don't change because others tell you.

In time you will see that you have major differences in the way that you guys think and percieve things. It isn't like he is old enough to be your dad. It doesn't hurt to give the guy a date and give him a chance to prove whether he is relationship potential or not. Basically I want to know what your opinion is overall.

You two are free to date each other and there is nothing anyone can say nor do to stop you. Age quits becoming a factor after you turn 18 and the person you are dating is also over. I don't know if it's because he likes the thought of being with a younger female or because he is actually interested. I know, I know. You are over 18 and he is over.

Dating someone 25 years older?

I think its normal for a 10yr difference; however, 25 is just a bit too much of a difference. NO its not nasty, nor is it disgusting or anything, you seem quite happy with the way your relationship with him is going, plus you don't let the age thing bother you, as age has bugger all to do with love, and love is not. However thank you for your opinion, because I do know many people my age who are almost going to graduate and still haven't got the slightest clue about what they want out of life.

Sep 02, 2008 think about it hes 32 hes already done everything and possibly everyone. Follow 18 answers. This is probably why I haven't dated because all the guys my age. My friends are supportive because he makes me happy, but other people I know call me slut.

dating someone older yahoo I'm 21 and the guy. Don't hate a guy because he still got. I'm into the guy and trust me he has made it pretty obvious that he is interested.

Your young and just starting out in the real world when hes already been there and done that. I'm just looking for advice about the whole situation. Please be truthful even if it comes across as weird.

My boyfriend is 29 and I'm. Show we re dating now izle more, my boyfriend is 29 and I'm. Update 2: Also I do know exactly what I want in life.

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