Hofner president dating

Hofner president dating

Hofner president dating

1958 Hofner 500/1 Violin Bass: Truss rods were added to the neck allowing a smaller, thinner and stronger neck and of course a truss rod cover was added. In 1960 Hofner went to 22 frets and had transitioned out of strip tuners by 1961. If you love the Hofners acoustic tone, then the best way to replicate that plugged-in is to solo the neck pickup, giving a light, woody sound with a distinct acoustic archtop rasp and a definite roots, folk and jazz feel.

Shipping data for Selmer-distributed guitars does exist (though apparently incomplete) here - this data suggests 248 Presidents were distributed by Selmer in 1965 - with serial numbers in the range.e. In 62 pickups moved further apart. In the following tables I have used a little initiative to arrive at the probable serial numbers that are shown against the years before 1958.

The President was very nice full body acoustic; not as ornate as the Committee, but relatively well appointed and certainly one of the better guitars available in late 50s and early 60s Britain. Last Serial Number, year, remarks, committee, pre truss-rod models Truss Rods Introduced Redesigned headstock Committee Thinline Truss Rods Introduced Redesigned headstock President Pre truss-rod models Truss Rods Introduced President Thinline Truss Rods Introduced None Listed None Listed? When in doubt pick up a book or two about dating Hofners and be sure to consult several sources. A nice example of a mid 1960s Hofner President - have a closer look. Its the nearest that the President can get to sounding modern.

Hofner Project - Dating Hofners

1961 hofner president dating Hofner Bass: Control panel and pickguard changed to pearloid white from dark or tortoise shell, tuners changed from strip to individual tuners. I have no idea what it stands for, maybe 1957? 1971, model deleted, electric guitar advertisements originally published from 1966 onwards.

The only satisfactory way to establish the year of production during this early period is by an internal examination as described in Part. The neck is very much on the narrow side; add the 760mm/30 scale and its a real joy to play, weighing next to nothing and balancing beautifully on your lap. Review by Gareth Morgan. Mid sixties ad for four Hofner electro-acoustic guitars: the Verithin 66, new Ambassador, President and Senator more, hofner President - Hofner is Not the Best Guitar in the World But it is By Far the Best in its Class (1968).

This means different instruments can have identical codes! More, got an opinion on the contents of this page? The acoustic President was certainly a well-built guitar and shipped in comparatively large numbers; 1950s literature described it as follows: "the table is hand carved from a block of aged, close grained bohemian pine" - electric models typically had a laminated top, although there were. Although Hofner has been making guitars since the 1930s, the company will always be best known as the one who made instruments played by the Beatles. Recently I was sent these pictures of a /Club50 bought in Australia, with 57D stamped on the top of the headstock. Or who put it there.

Hofner President dating, selmer, hofner guitars were given serial numbers, unlike the majority of Hofners sold by other distributors. Detailed below are some serial number and corresponding dates as extracted from my own guitars.

The President was described in the 1960 Selmer catalogue as follows: Fitted with two Hofner "super response" pickups and a double plate "flick action" cosole. Early Hofner basses used strip style tuners however later models used individual tuning machines. .

1965 Hofner President, Blonde Vintage Guitar and Bass

Made in China, price: 659, contact: Barnes Mullins. Fast forward 50 years, and Hofner has re-elected the President as part of their Chinese-manufactured Contemporary Series.

Part 7 Dating Hofners. A small headstock logo now replaces the plastic raised letter logo. . 1959/1960 Hofner 500/1 Violin Bass : New pickups with Chrome pickup covers replaced black covers. . Importers in other countries used different systems.

Hofner has chosen not to fit a pickguard, a feature present on both early Electric Bass and President models; it half-obscured the lower f-hole and, to be honest, its no loss. Pickups were originally positioned in traditional neck and bridge locations however in pickups were moved together in late 56 close to the neck however they were moved apart again in 1962 to improve tone. The only satisfactory way to establish the year of production during this early period is by an internal examination as described in Part. Theres a triumvirate of dots at the 12th fret and were glad Hofner didnt make it three dots at each point, a fussy feature youll find on original President basses. It's ironic but the 500/1 was not available in the UK until 1963. . Most basses now have a raised plastic logo which was phased in during 1964. Its time to don a leather jacket, quiff up your hair, shorten your strap to chin-tickling length, plug into the bands shared Vox AC30 and party like its 1963. The 500/1 was unveiled in 1956 at the Frankfurt Music Fair. . Late 61 saw pickups add adjustment screws. .

As stated whores from Ruka in Part 4, there are numerous guitars about containing serial numbers that predate those prior to 1958 which are still available in Hofners own records. So, it could as well be a 1961 that has been resting on a shelf in the factory for two years before in reached Sweden, or a 1963 with potentiometers from 1961, or a 1962? For dating an instrument by its pickups see. Plugging why dating in dc is so hard in, the D and especially the G strings acquire a slight nasal tinge which actually do help give a little more whores from Ruka shape to the note.

Its essentially an oblong plastic plate with a tortoiseshell face that houses a volume for each pickup and three switches two for turning pickups on or off (Bass on/off, Treble on/off) and Rhythm/Solo where selecting rhythm provided a 70 per cent reduction in the set. The 500/1 featured a hollow body, flat back (until 1962 light weight and short 30" scale. . Switch to the centre/bridge pickup and this Hofner sounds a lot spikier. It should be noted that Hofner did not included serial numbers on early 500/1 basses however many distributors added their own serial numbers to the headstock or near the tailpiece. Check out other vintage Hofner advertisements, hofner President - Hofner Have Done The Impossible (1966). It was still included in Selmer catalogues as late as 1970, but was missing from price lists, certainly by the second half of 1972.

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