One direction preferences bsm you re dating a band member

One direction preferences bsm you re dating a band member

One direction preferences bsm you re dating a band member

Liam- You were at you and Zayn's flat watching a movie. Now that it had been three, going on four years, and you lived with Zayn, when he was home, and you didn't live with your brother, he still wasn't fond of letting his baby sister grow.

BSM thing, so if you want to request one you can. "Because your a pathetic bitch! You went up to you guys' bedroom and you saw him on top of a blonde girl.

Everyone found it particular when Niall's part came, and he stood next to you, looking at you through it, making you laugh. You couldn't take this anymore, you ran off the restaurant and off to the street. "Oh it's just a friend." He said. I'm sorry." he said running up to you and hugging you. Louis had pushed him away with a angered face that was fake, and wrapped his arms around your waist, as you continued playing.

Harry Boyfriend-Zayn When you had met Zayn when the boys were still on the X-Factor, you had grown extremely close to him, almost as close as you were with you twin brother. "Whatever Liam." you said walking out and calling Harry to pick you. "Come on dance with." You laughed, as he pulled you to your feet, and started dancing with you, singing to you in the process.

Niall- You were with your brother, Niall. Your are dating Harry?" Your older brother Zayn asked astonished after you just confessed him about your relationship with one of his best friends, " You have to broke up with him, right now." "I don't want. We haven't done anything wrong!" you yelled. He's gonna hurt you, believe." "I don't care what you think" "OK!" he yelled frustrated, "But when you end up crying because he broke your heart, don't come at me!" Louis: "I have to tell you something" you said as your younger brother looked.

BSM #21; You re dating one of the boys

BSM thing, so if you want to request one you can. Tonight was the night he had been dreading ever since Zayn had approached him towards the end of tour, and asked for his blessing. "Liam!" You yelled, making him fall off bed.

One Direction Preferences by spiritualsvt ( ) with 52,7. "Please don't tell, Harry." he begged.

BSM : Brother sister moment. You opened the message and you saw their conversation and it says: Britney:Babe, I miss you 3 Zayn:I miss you too 3 Britney:When are you gonna get rid of that bitch Y/N)? Tell me the truth!" you yelled. He did as you said and got up from the floor. Cause' it looks like you were sucking faces with another me on (Y/N)." He said grabbing your hand, taking you back home. "Excuse me!" Niall yelled at you looking puzzled. Niall: Your brother Niall and his best friend Liam were sit on the living room's couch playing video games. You heard a horn honk behind you then everything went black.

A/N I m going to be doing. Louis Dating -Liam Liam and you had started browse dating profiles off hating each other, in ever sense of the word.

"What is it?" "Y/N and I are. s not what it looks like." he said looking nervous.

BSM #21: You re Dating a Bad Boy - Let me be your Goodnight

"What's wrong sis?" Niall asked as he got back from the kitchen, looking concerned. Now get out of my house!" He yelled as you ran out of his flat and drove to Liam's. Harry is a player and you are the most sentimental girl I know, he's gonna break your heart." "No, he's not!" gay christian dating site you yelled defensively, "I know he truly likes.

Read, bSM : You are dating one pink sofa dating site of the other boys and he doesn t approve. You were really upset with him and didn't want to talk to him.

" YOU DON'T talk TO ME like that zayn! Your face turned red with anger and you called, Louis. He knew it would happen gay christian dating site some time, but he didn't know it was going to happen so fast. Kind of together." Niall nervously said.

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